Art Classes and Workshops

Students learn a method of drawing in pastel, watercolour, acrylic paint or pencil that is applicable to any subject, according to
their choice of medium. Instruction is provided in drawing portraits, animals and nature.
Artistry information introduced brings an understanding of colour, tone, perspective and design.
Students are able to explore spirit art, totems and drawing inspirationally in an enjoyable sociable environment.
Classes are held fortnightly on Saturdays and Tuesdays 10am. - 12pm. and are ongoing.
No previous experience necessary beginners - advanced welcome as Barbara is an experienced teacher
in taking your ability to the next level.
Contact Barbara for bookings and a list of requirements - 0418 548 358

INTUITIVE PASTEL ART WORKSHOP (Introductory and Advanced)
The Intuitive Pastel Art Workshop is practical and provides participants a foundation for intuitive portrait drawing.
This is done by working through a practical experience for each participant to connect, hold and draw. To accomplish this,
the artistic principles of colour, pastel and drawing techniques required will be presented along with an introduction to
perception skills required to integrate the process.

The first Intuitive Art workshop is an introduction to the skills listed above.
May 26th. 2018. 10am. - 5pm. Fee:$150
Doncaster East, Light lunch provided.
Contact Barbara for list of requirements - 0418 548 358 - Book Online

The Advanced Workshop is an extension of skills introduced in the Introductory Workshop
and is for people who have attended the first workshop.
August 18th. 2018 10am. - 5pm. Fee:$150
Doncaster East, Light lunch provided.
Contact Barbara for list of requirements - 0418 548 358 - Book Online

This practical workshop introduces concepts of psychic art and sketching skills. Principals in the use of colour, symbology, drawing skills used in combination with perception skills are explored. Participants experiment with the connection between drawing and perception skills to create psychic art readings for each other. These skills can amplify spirit art, guide painting and reading skills. Everyone receives a brief reading or two.
Requirements: Coloured pencils, pen, eraser. Notes are distributed.

2018 - 4 Psychic Art Workshops available
March 17th. 1pm. - 5pm. Fee: $55
Ringwood VSU. 51 Patterson St. Ringwood East
Bookings - VSU Ringwood East - (03) 9870 8400

April 28th. 1pm. - 5pm. Fee: $55
Lilydale Spiritualist Church - Japara Living & Learning Centre
54 - 56 Durham Rd. Kilsyth, Victoria
Bookings - Lilydale Spiritual Church - (03) 9725 3114

October 27th. 1pm. - 5pm. Fee: $65
14 Barbara Street, Doncaster East
Bookings - contact Barbara 0418 548 358

Following an introductory brief meditation; this practical session enables children to tap into their intuition and skills to create art.
A positive discussion regarding their artwork is included to create awareness of the symbology they have used
and the art of story-telling encouraged.

August 4th. 10am. - 12pm. Fee: $30
Doncaster East
Contact Barbara - 0418 548 258 - Book Online

A set of coloured pencils, markers, eraser
Barbara is a Victorian Registered Teacher and has a current Police Check document.