Spirit Art is creating an image of a person who is in spirit. This can be drawn in ink, pencil, pastel, acrylic paint
on canvas or by using any other artistic medium.

Who is a Spirit Guide?
Spirit Guides are incarnate beings in spirit who have experienced human existence. They are with each person and whether we choose to acknowledge them is our decision. Guides assist us in dealing with the issues associated with our soul lessons that we may encounter in our journey through our chosen physical incarnation. Human beings are talented in particular skills and it is likewise with Spirit. Our Spirit Guides are able to assist us in various areas of our life, such as our spiritual path, health, family, education and career.

Spirit Guide Paintings are completed in acrylic paint or sepia pastel. Barbara communicates with the guide who is assisting you deal with current issues. A description of their appearance and their life when on the physical is conveyed.
Information is channelled from your guide and how they are assisting you; then a professional acrylic painting on canvas or a sepia pastel painting is completed. The reading includes the details regarding the guide and how they are assisting you with your soul lessons.
All readings are recorded and sent to your email address. Skype readings are also available.

This reading is entirely mediumship and contact is made with relatives or friends in spirit. A quick ink sketch is completed on archival paper of the person in spirit with whom contact has been made; or another person in spirit who presents for the drawing.
Information and messages are channelled for the client.
An acrylic painting is also available see pricing on bookings link - accordingly this takes more time.
The reading is recorded and sent to your email. Skype readings are available.
Spirit Art is also included in public demonstrations.