Barbara Price-Rees: Medium and Spirit Artist

I continue to enjoy the development of my acrylic paintings of Spirit Guides for clients; both in terms of the honing and speeding up of my painting techniques and working with spirit with this medium. Many times there was experienced the intervention of spirit in stretching the boundaries whilst painting. Sometimes the face of the Guide was superimposed by a friend or relative of the client in spirit. Some examples of the acrylic guide paintings may be found on the Services – Gallery link.
Along with this activity have come the opportunities to work with and for the spirit world in a more professional capacity. In early 2013 my lightning sketches of relatives and friends in spirit transitioned from pencil to ink. This involvement has enabled me to work faster and more accurately. I have enjoyed lifting the level of my artistic style and in this area I am always continuing to improve my skills in order to be a more skilled medium for spirit to work with. Fortunately some recipients of these sketches have forwarded to me photographic proof of their relative which exhibits a close likeness to my sketch.
From 2016 until now, I include a full color acrylic painting of a relative or friend in spirit (20 mins.) in my public demonstrations at the Spiritual Churches, in addition to the quick ink sketches (2-3 mins).
I am grateful to people for doing the research into their photo albums and family contacts. Likewise I am sure the person in spirit would be well pleased with this acknowledgement. Some of these can be found on the Services – Spirit Art link.