For many years, Barbara has conducted demonstrations of mediumship that include the


Spirit Art is creating an image of a person who is in spirit. This can be drawn in


A tarot reading gives the opportunity for you to explore the possible outcomes in


Art Classes and Workshops
ART CLASSES Students learn a method of drawing in pastel, watercolour, acrylic paint
Tarot Workshops
This Tarot Workshop will assist participants in the interpretation of the cards
Spiritual Development Workshops
This informative and practical workshop provides an introduction to the basic skills

News & events


In an article in 'The 4th Dimension' magazine - published by Maximillien de Lafayette, NY. Barbara Price-Rees has been included in a list of psychics, spirit artists and mediums based on extensive research;


 American Psychic & Medium Magazine, January 2018 - EXTRA edition Published monthly by Maximillien de Lafayette & Times Square Press Barbara Price-Rees has made a contribution to the magazine

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